Wudhu The Best Medicine For Coronavirus, WHO Asked to Wash 5 Times

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It is indeed among the major headlines of almost all of the health care units and firms and as well in the World Health Organization (WHO) too.

In accordance with, China succeeded in somehow stopping the growth of the virus in their territory. So far, only 55 positive cases of the virus were reported there. However, we doubt the real data of China, India and even of some Muslim nations too, are being hidden.

The Health Ministries of these regions are revealing false collection of data. Generally, now we have read or are guided somehow to frequently wash hands as this act is the best prevention to fight off and to combat the coronavirus. If you are maintaining to wash your hands consistently at a certain interval of time or regularly with the help of soap, then you are following the best prevention act.

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It is considered as the most effective and advanced possible way to limit the growing outbreak of coronavirus. It would keep you and your acquaintances away from being caught by the virus.

The World Health Organization has summed it up into a bulletin- Wash your hands frequently. We, as Muslims, already clean our body five times every day before performing the obligatory prayers. Salah done in the way of Ablution is called Wudhu.

We are obligated by our Holy Book and Allah (SWT) and also by His messenger (PBUH) to follow and perform Salah (Prayers) with ablution five times every day. To conclude, do you believe the fact that Islam doesn’t encourage personal hygiene? If yes, then you are wrong as Islam is undoubtedly a perfect religion in terms of science and emotions.

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And Also, our Prophet (PBUH) has performed some miracles at the time He divided the moon in order to meet Allah (SWT) at the greatest abode within a single night.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Wudhu has been endowed upon us Muslims by Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala.
The Wudhu can be termed as the Spiritual Wash/Cleaning for a person and performed 5 Times a day ensures Total Purity of Mind and Body.
George Bernard Shaw, the famous philosopher quoted ” In the Future, Doctors will Prescribe the Muslim Prayer and Fast as Medication “

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