News Of Morgan Freeman’s Conversion To Islam Is Fake

News of Morgan Freemans Conversion To Islam Is Fake

The performance of senior Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman at the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup at Qatar’s Al Bayt Stadium has caught public attention.

On this occasion, Morgan Freeman conveyed a message of unity and diversity with his distinctive voice.

Interestingly, he conveyed this message while conversing with a Qatari Youth named Ghanim Al-Muftah, who then beautifully recited Verse 13 of Surah Al Hujurat.

The surprise appearance of Morgan Freeman at the World Cup opening ceremony took many fans by surprise, with the majority of the audience applauding him for his incredible speech. On the other hand, some questioned his reasons for wanting to be involved in the event.

The actor’s stunning appearance at the mega event awed the public’s admiration for not only him but also the public’s curiosity about his beliefs. Even rumors about his conversion to Islam began to circulate widely.

Freeman has long been known to have an interest in studying different beliefs. He even conducts more than one program on various occasions to dig deeper into other religions, one of which is Islam.

Even in his documentary on National Geographic entitled “The Story of God,” Morgan Freeman once called Adhan (call to prayer) the most beautiful sound he had ever heard.

However, this does not corroborate the rumors that he has chosen to embrace Islam as the religion he will follow for the rest of his life.

Even so, rumors of his conversion to Islam have been spread widely and were unstoppable on social media. It may have been influenced by Morgan Freeman’s fame and the influence he might have had if he did embrace Islam.

Here are some Twitter posts that further spread rumors of Freeman’s conversion to a Muslim.

Unfortunately, the hopes and wishes of billions of Muslims around the world regarding Freeman’s conversion were quickly dashed after Misbar, an independent Arab fact-checking platform, announced that the statement about Freeman converting to Islam was fake after a thorough check on the matter.

The platform said that until now, Freeman has not announced his conversion to Islam, nor had any reputable media reported about it.

Morgan Freeman is often the target of fake news about his religious beliefs, especially his documentary The Story of God first premiered on National Geographic in 2015.

At the end of 2015, Freeman was rumored to have embraced Islam after a photo of him meeting with an activist against Radical Islam, Maajid Nawaz, in a mosque went viral. At that time, Nawaz quickly denied the rumors that Freeman had converted to Islam.

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