Will die of cancer: an invisible punishment for adultery

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Women all around the world showed a new, invisible and very insidious enemy. Over the past decade, the incidence of cervical cancer has increased in the world by 25% due to adultery.

As told Olga Shipulina – expert at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics Research Institute of Epidemiology, head of the research group to develop new methods for diagnosis of opportunistic and human papillomavirus infection, he comes to the first place among all types of cancer. At the same time, half of them are women up to 35 years old.

According to Shipulina, it’s all about the early onset of sexual activity and the large number of sexual partners in modern women. Where there are more sex partners in men, the highest prevalence of the virus is recorded. Those girls who begin to have sex before 20 years old, the risk of earning this kind of cancer is higher than those who start it later. The danger is also presented by men who had promiscuous sexual intercourse, as they are carriers of human papillomavirus (HPV), and the virus itself is sexually transmitted.

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Statistics of extramarital sex are inexorable: 75% of husbands change wives, and 25% of wives change their husbands. At the same time, 60% of husbands meet with mistresses, who are also married, and 12% of wives make romances with neighbors. Shepulina herself recommends that potential adulterers do inoculations, but they are not cheap and should be repeated at regular intervals. As a cheaper alternative, doctors recommend condoms. Random sex life or adultery is a huge sin in Islam. “And beware of adultery, for it is an abomination and a vile way,” says the Quran (17,32). Hadith also speaks of the sinfulness of adultery.

Nevertheless, many people, including those who consider themselves believers, ignore these warnings and refer to “modern living conditions” that do not have moral conduct and the observance of the commandments.

However, with the passage of time and with the development of science it becomes clear that the censure of sin is not just words from “old books” and boring teachings about the necessity of observing moral principles, but a vital condition for the existence of the human race. Today, the number of young women and girls has dramatically increased, trying to solve their financial problems through intimate relationships with wealthy men. This trend has not bypassed the representatives of the traditionally Muslim peoples of our country.

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In light of all of the above, the question arises, what price “keepers” are willing to pay for a “beautiful life”? Usually they respond in the sense that all criticism of their way of life comes from a simple envy of what they have achieved in life.

But the fact is that they trade nothing less than their youth and appearance – what they got from God, and when they have this “product”, to what outcome will they come? It is impossible to violate the prohibitions imposed by the Creator on His creation with impunity. The payoff will come and not necessarily in the form of “a thunder from heaven”. Often, it can be an invisible virus that overnight will cross out and make all previous life unnecessary.



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