US and UK bombings Have Caused The Death Of 1,000 Civilians In Yemen

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London and Washington are in serious pressure after a report claimed that the US and UK bombings caused about 1,000 casualties in Yemen.

This new findings shook the world and putting a lot of pressure on US and UK to halt all kind of weapon sale to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are actively using the weapons for four years in Yemen.

The 128-page long report by the UNHR (University Network for Human Rights) and Mwatana, a Yemeni monitoring group, investigated the 27 illegal airstrikes in Yemen by Gulf alliance from 2015 till 2018.

And within this report, it was mentioned that the weapons are being used in the destruction of Yemen belongs to US and UK, as well in the illegal air strikes launched by Saudi Arabia with the support of US and UK caused the death of 203 people, over 120 children and 56 women dead and wounded.

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27 air strikes were the only one which the researchers gave enough pieces of evidence. Meanwhile, the Yemeni monitoring group claims that in 2018 there were 128 illegal airstrikes in Yemen.

Report further found out that the UK weapons were involved in the bombings happened in the Yemen which killed 1,000 civilians in Yemen. Most of the US and UK Bombings hit civilians that includes college, businesses, restaurants, and warehouses.

This report comes right after few weeks when the House of Lords Internation Committee accepted the fact that UK sales weapons to Saudi Arabia, which gives UK the revenue of 4.7 Billion GBP since the war in Yemen began and has caused an insane amount of civilian casualties.

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We have been focusing on Syria lately that the world has completely forgot about what is happening in Yemen. This is really heartbreaking to see many people losing their lives to war that was never started by Yemen. What do you think about all this ? Let us know in the comments.

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Salam, Is there any means or organization by which we can financially donate and help our muslim brothers and sisters in yemen, syria etc? I have tried to find one authentic one but cannot find. Plz let me know. Thank you.

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