UK Mosque offering FREE MEALS to Everyone, Inc Non Muslims

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UK Mosque in Cardiff has stepped up with regards to welcome non-Muslims for a free feast at some phase in the heavenly month of Ramadan.

The initiative become taken by means of Bridges for communities, to growth know-how through verbal exchange among people of various faiths.

Sarah Evans (a nurse), who works on the college hospital of Wales is one of the organisers for the plan. Sarah told online that approximately a hundred and fifty locations have been available for non-Muslims to come in and have loose food at the Darul Isra Mosque in the approaching weeks of Ramazan.

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some other member of the mosque, Mohammed Alamgir said:

“The Sharing Ramadan food are actually of their sixth 12 months here however awful events that occurred just four hours away display the significance of having such opportunities to convey communities collectively. It reminds us that folks that dedicate acts of violence and indiscriminate homicide belong to no religion.”

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