UAE Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Myanmar

Myanmar has seen Muslim-Genocide in Burma.
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United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established diplomatic ties with Myanmar after signing a joint agreement, WAM reported.

Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, UAE’s representative in the UN (United Nations) in New York, signed the agreement with Kyaw Moi Tun, Burmese representative in the United Nation.

The joint agreement binds both countries to have mutual understanding and making friendship and business more concrete in order to make each other’s economy, political stability, and sociability better.

Diplomatic ties with Myanmar deal signed!

While signing the agreement, Nusseibeh said that UAE will be looking forward to making the friendly relations more solid, to work efficiently on common interests and priorities. Adding more to this, the representative also said UAE has been looking to “unlock the partnership” potential with Myanmar.

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The diplomats of both the countries discussed opportunities to collaborate and bilateral relationship at the United Nations. They further discussed the Rohingya situation to open communication modes to enable to ease the situation.

The work on the Rohingya situation was made the first priority by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Corporation).

Abu Dhabi had also been providing medical aid to Myanmar to help the country in fighting Covid-19.

During the brutial Muslim-genocide in Myanmar in 2017;

  • 24,000 Muslims in Rohingya were killed.
  • 18,000 Muslim women were raped.
  • 36,000 were burnt alive.
  • 116,000 faced physical abuse.
  • 1,000,000+ forced to flee the country.
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Over one million Rohingya Muslims are now living in Cox’s Bazar which is the world’s largest refugee camp.

United Nations investigators have called the entire operation the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims.

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emirates mixing with buddhist devil terrorists, shameful may both get destroyed


Become extremely sad whenever read about rohingya muslim.

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