Muslims In A Turkish Mosque Praying In Wrong Direction For 37 Years

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Turkish mosque had been praying in a wrong direction for about 37 years, An imam realized the error which all of them has been praying in a wrong direction.

Turkish mosque located in Sugoren which is situated in the Turkey’s western province called Yalova. After finding out in a report by Daily Sabah, which said the major error was in the building as the mosque is built misaligned by 33 degrees off, which changes the Qibla direction, meaning they were were not kneeling down towards Kaaba.

Imam Isa Kaya had been appointed in 2017 to this mosque, after he felt that something is wrong with this building so he went to local scholars to ask about the real direction and if this mosque is aligning with it.

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The local authorities acted upon the request of Imam Isa Kaya and confirmed that the Mihram is built at a wrong place so the Muslims who were praying here for last 37 years were praying in a wrong direction and was not making sajda towards Kaaba.

This mosque was built in 1981.

Imam isa Kaya has made arrangements to make prayers by pointing towards the correct direction of Kaaba. Meanwhile, the local authorities have given the orders to reconstruct the mosque.

The reconstruction has been started and soon they will have a new mosque pointing at a right direction.

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