3 Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at Cave of Thawr

Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at Cave of Thawr

Thawr cave is located in the latter part of Makkah. Jabal Thawr is known for the famous miracles that had happened during Muhammad (PBUH)’s Hijrah.

People of Arabia had plotted great trouble in the path of Muhammad (PBUH) during his eight years of Prophethood. At that time, Quraish of Makkah was the biggest enemy of Muhammad (PBUH). 622AD was the first year of Hijrah, Hijrah means migration. When Muhammad (PBUH) ordered all the Muslims to migrate from one city to another.

These were the three miracles that had happened on the Mount Thawr, also known as Jabal Thawr;

1. Quraish Master Minded A Murder Plan Of Muhammad (PBUH)

Quraish Master Minded A Murder Plan Of Muhammad

As the migration to Makkah begins, Quraish plotted a murder trap for Muhammad (PBUH). While Muhammad (PBUH) was asleep on his bed, through Allah’s guidance he was escaped successfully and left little Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) behind. Then he went to the Cave of Thawr.

The most loyal friend of Muhammad (PBUH) was Abu Bakar (RA), he left him in Makkah. Quraish sent the hitmen to kill Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA). Somehow, Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakar (RA) got to know about this and decided to stay in the cave.

2. Muhammad (PBUH) Encountering A Snake in Cave of Thawr!

Muhammad (PBUH) Encountering A Snake Cave of Thawr

Before going into the cave, Abu Bakar (RA) cleaned the cave before Muhammad (PBUH) enters into it. There were a lot of Snake pits which was tried to covered by a piece of clothing by Abu Bakr (RA). There was only one snake pit which was left open mistakenly. Muhammad (PBUH) was so tired that he decided to rest in Abu Bakr (RA)’s lap. The Snake put which was left open was later covered by Abu Bakr (RA) with his foot.

The snake pit which Abu Bakr (RA) was covered with his foot was bitten by Snake. He did not take his foot out of that snake pit as he knew Muhammad (PBUH) was sleeping, the pain caused by the snake bite was so strong that the tears have started coming out of his eyes and when tears dropped on the cheek of Muhammad (PBUH) he woke up.

Upon knowing the snake has bitten him, Muhammad (PBUH) rubbed his saliva on the place where the snake had bitten Abu Bakr (RA), then Abu Bakr (RA) started feeling relaxed and pain had gone away within few mins! And Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) later stayed in the Cave for 3 days and 3 nights.

3. Spiders and Pigeons Helped Muhammad (PBUH)

spider web pigeon eggs Cave of Thawr

At one point, Quraish hit men almost entered the cave, but a miracle happened!

Snake and Pigeon gave the cave a look which seems as if nobody enters into this cave, but Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) was resting into that cave! Spider knit it’s the web as Pigeons laid the eggs and gave this place a look as if no human has ever entered in this cave!

Later, Muhammad (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) successfully made their way towards Madinah. Subhan Allah! Let us know how do you feel after reading about all these miracles in the comments below.

Have a look at this place;

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Photos: 2mfm/spitalfieldslife/Pixabay

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