Saudi Arabia Will Refund Umrah Fees After Coronavirus Ban

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Saudi Arabia has announced that it will refund Umrah fees and services charges. These refunds are to those pilgrims who were scheduled to arrive in the country to perform Umrah but due to the recent ban on Umrah because of Coronavirus, these people are unable to perform it.

Saudi Arabia has banned the pilgrims arriving from the coronavirus affected countries for Umrah as well as those who are willing to visit the Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. Not just this, Saudi Arabia has also banned the entry of the people coming on Tourist Visas of Saudi Arabia to enter the country to prevent the kingdom from Coronavirus.

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Ministry of Haj and Umrah have announced in the news as per Saudi Press Agency and The Islamic Information as well. If a person wants to contact the service center of the Ministry of Haj and Umrah on the phone they can reach them at +966-92000-2814 and they can also reach them through email at [email protected] Through this, you can get refund Umrah fees.

The representatives on these suggested contact mediums will help you get to know about the process of getting your fees back.

The travel agents will be able to help you with these refunds and service charges. But, some agents in countries will be charging processing fees for the refunds. But the Ministry has not mentioned any charges for the processing.

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Luckily, people who are holding the work visit visa, employment visa, business visit visa or family visit visa will be exempted from this latest travel ban. To this date, Saudi Arabia is coronavirus hasn’t touched the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia yet. The Government of Saudi Arabia is trying their level best to keep the kingdom away from this deadly disease.

We have also posted a Dua for Coronavirus, which you must recite every now and then.

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Muhammad Yousuf Memon

Thanks that umra fee will be return. But What about hotel charges already paid. Will they too will return.

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