Indian Actress Sara Khan Mocking Hijab and Burqa in Islam Publicly

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Sara Khan an Indian actress publicly mocked the use of Burqa (Hijab) and questioned the values of Islam publicly hurting muslim sentiments.

Actress who is also a Muslim is seen question the values set by Islam, Quran and Sunnah is being mocked and clapped as she continues to do it. Her instagram is full of inappropriate images, and one of them clearly shows she is making fun of Hijab.

This is the video when Sara Khan started questioning the Muslim values and mocking Burqa

For those who can not understand Hindi we have also translated this video for;

Translation: “In Muslim community women are usually taught to wear Burqa, but Muslim community never tells the men to cover their eyes and not to look THERE. I will be half naked but Muslims Community should cover their eyes and not to look at THERE. We are not the one who will wear Burqa just to prove ourself a Muslim we will wear whatever we want to, you should not look at us when we look half naked.”

This video hurt the sentiments of Muslims all around the world that the person who calls herself a Muslim is openly bashing Muslim values which have been widely followed in this era.

Sadly, the time she was degrading Islamic values, people standing next to her were clapping and showing their support to promote “Nudity” which she calls whatever she want to wear she will.

This is clear that Muslim community can not control anyone’s decision abilities but the person should be graceful enough to not to bash any community publicly just because she disagree with the views. Muslims all around the world are angry after her video went viral on social media.

Let us know what you think about her views in the comments section below.


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