“Remove Hijab or Leave The Job”, Pakistani CEO Tells Employee

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Pakistani CEO of a Karachi based agency called Creative Chaos, Jawwad Kadir, forced a newly hired hijab girl to leave the workplace as she refused to take her hijab off.

Jawwad Kadir hired a girl, few days back and told her to remove her hijab, after she refused to remove it he started forcing her to take it off or start searching for a work in an “Islamic Environment”. Due to huge amount of pressure that hijab wearing newly appointed girl had to resign because of their discriminatory act.

But after this the CEO of Creative Chaos Jawwad Kadir made his HR Manager as his scape goat by uploading following release on their facebook page.

But luckily Pakistani audience did not stop putting pressure on Creative Chaos to fire the one who is involved in this kind of discrimination towards the girls who come out of their house to earn money. But Creative Chaos on Friday posted an update on their page telling that they have asked their CEO Jawwad Kadir to step down after his discriminatory remark towards that newly appointed Hijabi girl.

But people in the comments section naming Creative Chaos as “Creating Chaos” and openly telling that this is not the first time it is happening in agencies operating in Pakistan.

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As per the board of directors of the company, Jawwad Kadir accepted his mistake and accepted that he forced a girl to take her hijab off, and he is sorry for what he has done. Pakistani CEO accepted his mistake in an email sent to the board of directors titled as “My Apology Is Not Enough”.

Accepting his resignation, board of directors ensured that they hope to create a better environment for the employees there. And will take measures to remove any kind of discriminatory acts in the organisation.

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