Pakistani Muslim Couple Attacked By Police In Manchester

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Pakistani Muslim couple had arrested at Tesco after the staff refused them to buy Water Bottles in Manchester, United Kingdom.

This incident took place in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, reported Metro. Pakistani couple Mahira Hussain and Nasir Hussain went into Tesco to buy water bottles after the couple filled their trolly with 20 water bottles, the staff came and told them that they can not buy water. Upon resisting the couple got into the argument with the staff and eventually, police arrested the couple just because of the argument of not letting couple buy water bottles.

The Pakistani Muslim couple seemed clueless about their arrest. This whole incident was filmed by the people watching this whole incident happening.

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The lady, Mahira Hussain is a teacher and is very famous where she teaches. The couple told the media that they were buying water for their home and when the staff started pushing us not to buy it, it caused the huge argument.

Watch the entire incident yourself

Nasir Hussain said we were carrying these water bottles for our home use, said I do carry a water bottle to my work too. Nasir further added that he was standing in the queue were a lot of other people standing and seeing how the staff was insulting us just because we wanted to buy water, and it annoyed me.

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Later the police had taken the couple into their custody to further investigate this matter. Meanwhile, Muslims labels it as an Islamophobic attack, as buying water is not a crime, not anywhere in the world.

This video shows each and everything happened there which is indeed heartbreaking as this should be taken into consideration that anyone is a Muslim does not mean he or she is doing something wrong.

Police are currently investigating this whole matter, updates will be added.

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