Omar Suleiman Receiving Death Threats After He Led Prayer in House Chambers

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The famous US-based Omar Suleiman has gotten eight death threats after he was invited to led opening prayer in house chambers.

Normally Omar Suleiman is very jolly, but on last Monday Omar was very quiet, and it was clear the previous some days have taken a peal, reported WFAA.

The famous Dallas imam Omar Suleiman has received at least 8 death threats since he led the opening prayer in the House Chambers, last Thursday.

I know the value of my presence for Muslims in America, and it was indeed exciting. But right after this, all of the experience turned into a nightmare.

Omar Suleiman told the news.

Omar Suleiman further stated that these death threats are coordinated as they started a few hours after leading the congressional prayers.

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He also said that many articles were published declaring him Anti-Semitic. Lee Zeldin tweeted for Nancy Pelosi telling Suleiman accused Israel of terrorism and he supports Muslim Brotherhood.

This is very sad as these people force us to defend ourselves and when we defend our Muslim brotherhood, they call us Anti-Semitic.

Omar Suleiman told the news.

A declaration from Zeldin’s bureau orates:

lee on omar suleiman

Omar Suleiman said after this statement he will continue unveiling the real face of Israel to the people and will not stop. But, he also said that it has no differences between Muslim and Jewish community in DFW.

The support for Omar has come speedily from religious individuals leaders. Mason of Wilshire Baptist, Pastor George said Omar Suleiman “Omar is a moral leader and spiritual of the highest character. Omar is also my friend.” 

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Huge support for the Dallas imam Omar Suleiman has also been produced under the trending Twitter hashtag #UnitedForOmar.

Over the period of a few days, he has received 8 death threats, and the local police are now currently investigating.

Imam Suleiman is doing his best to avoid social media at this hour but accepts that it is though. Omar said one object that will not halt is his work to unite individuals.

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this is really sad may allah swt bless him and his family, even though i have never met Omar I have heard so many beautiful things about him and his character, I hope everything will go well for him for the sake of Allah swt.

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