This Happens When Non-Muslims Listen To Quran For The First Time

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Non-Muslims Listen to the recitation of Quran and their reaction was just priceless. We are amazed to see their reaction that they were absolutely amazed by it.

Adem Saleh is a vlogger from New York, United States of America. He is a Muslim and makes videos to eradicate the doubts about Muslim due to the raising Islamophobia all around the world. So he decided to make people, who were Non-Muslims listen to the Quran for the first time.

We were amazed to see that most of the people were not even listened to Quran ever in their lives, despite Quranic recitation is very common on the internet. Even if you are watching any Islamic clip or videos related to Muslims you will still get to listen to Quranic Recitation, but we are amazed that many people had not even ever heard it.

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Quran has this thing which soothes our nerves and make us feel calm no matter what the situation is. Listening to Quran helps us in thinking clearly and calms us. Even if you listen to Quran daily, you will get rewarded for listening of it words in Quran of Allah.

Their reactions were priceless, they were still and kept on listening to what the vlogger played to them. From their facial expressions it was clear that that LOVED IT. One of the guy even cried while listening to it, and in return he wanted a QURAN! This video is incredible!!!

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Watch this incredible video Non-Muslims Listen to the recitation of Quran for the first time

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