This Muslim Girl Becomes World’s Youngest Chartered Accountant

Aqsa Majeed Memon Worlds Youngest Chartered Accountant

Youngest Chartered Accountant of the world is none other than but a Muslim girl, Aqsa Majeed Memon who is 18 years old and belongs to Pakistan.

Aqsa Majeed Memon, an 18 years old girl has crowned the world’s youngest chartered accountant. She lives in Sakrand Town which is located in Sindh, Pakistan. Her father, Majeed Ahmed Memon is an ordinary shopkeeper.

Aqsa Majeed Memon was born in the year 1999, and she got her basic education from her hometown. Aqsa Majeed Memon took an admission in FIA course in September of 2014 which was completed in August 2015.

After Aqsa Majeed Memon completed her FIA she was enrolled in ACCA and passed it by getting incredible numbers in July of 2017, she is just 18 years of age.

90% of the students get enrolled at the age of 18, but Aqsa Majeed Memon completed it at the age of 18, which is quite an achievement.

Examination of ACCA comprises of three layers of knowledge;

  1. Module
  2. Skill module
  3. Professional Module

ACCA examination contains 14 papers, which requires at least a period of a minimum three years.

Aqsa Majeed Memon, after passing the examination at the age of 18 years old and four months, Aqsa Majeed Memon became the world’s youngest Chartered Accountant.

If we look into the past, A guy, Ramkumar Raman from India had completed his ACCA when he was just 18 years and eight months old. But Aqsa Majeed Memon stole the show by completing it 4 months earlier than him.

ACCA and CA considered to be one of the toughest things to study, as it requires a lot of hard work and mathematical skills, and a lot of focus, which can not be found that easily. Most of the candidates withdraw ACCA due to the difficulty level but this charming girl made impossible possible. And shocking the whole world by achieving a great honor.

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