Apple CEO Tim Cook Praises Muslim Girl For Developing App at The Age Of 8

Tim Cook hana muhammad rafeeq

An Indian girl living in Dubai recently got good news after Apple CEO Tim Cook congratulated her on successfully developing iOS apps for iPhone at 8 years old.

Hana Muhammad Rafeeq, who introduces herself as the youngest Apple iOS developer, said she sent an email explaining the app and other achievements to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In her email to Cook, Hanna explained in detail that she was born and raised in the UAE and had been learning to code since she was five. Hanna, who is currently nine, admits that she almost avoided using third-party ready-made codes, libraries, or classes in her app.

She himself wrote more than 10,000 lines of code for her application. By sharing her work’s Youtube link, Hanna suggested that Cook preview the app firsthand.

In the same email, Hanna explained why she wrote the email and sent it to Apple CEO to prove to her parents that she had done something extraordinary and to let the Apple leader know how passionate she is about technology, especially Apple.

One day after Hanna sent Cook an email, Apple’s CEO immediately replied. In his email reply, Cook congratulated Hanna on her impressive achievement at a young age. In addition, he encouraged Hanna to continue to do extraordinary things in the future.

Muhammad Rafeeq, Hanna’s father, said he was pleased as he considered the technology leader’s answer to affirm the claim that Hanna was the youngest developer.

The father also revealed that Hanna learned coding from her older sister, Leena Fathima, who was ten years old. The two sisters, who were schooled at home by their parents, initially learned to code when their mother started learning to code.

The sisters are now proficient in coding languages HTML, CSS, C, C++, Swift, and the latest SwiftUI – dream of changing the world in their way. They plan to offer free coding classes to orphans through a foundation named after them.

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