Taraweeh Schedule for Masjid An Nabawi for Ramadan 2024

The administration reveals the name of the Imams who will lead the Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers in Masjid an Nabawi in the holy month of Ramadan 2024.
masjid an nabawi 2024

The schedule for the prayers and the names of the Imams who will lead the prayers in Ramadan were shared on the official Twitter account of Harmain.

In the recent turn of events the Harmain on its official Twitter account revealed the schedule for the Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers.

For individuals going to visit the holy place, this schedule will play an important role in tracking the time and staying up to date.

The schedule published by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque shows the names of the imams who will lead the prayers, as well as the number of rakats and the timings of the prayers.


Taraweeh Schedule 2024

01Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
02Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
03Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
04Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
05Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
06Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
07Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
08Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
09Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
10Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
11Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
12Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
13Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
14Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
15Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
16Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
17Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
18Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
19Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
20Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
21Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
22Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
23Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
24Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
25Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
26Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
27Sheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
28Sheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudafy
29Sheikh HameedSheikh Budair
30Sheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim

Tahajjud Schedule 2024

Here is the table for the Tahajjud Prayers:

21Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh HameedSheikh Budair
22Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
23Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudaify
24Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
25Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh HameedSheikh Budair
26Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
27Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh QarafiSheikh Ahmad Hudaify
28Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh MuhannaSheikh Bua’yjan
29Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh BurhajiSheikh Qasim
30Sheikh Ali HudaifySheikh HameedSheikh Ahmad Hudaify

Individuals lucky enough to visit Masjid An Nabawi in the blessed month of Ramadan 1445/2024 will be able to perform prayers behind the well-known imams of the mosque. According to the schedule, the Taraweeh prayers will consist of 10 rakats, followed by 3 rakats of Witr.

Taraweeh prayer imams for Ramadan 2024

The Taraweeh prayers will be led by the imams;

  1. Sheikh Prof. Dr. Muhammad Barahji
  2. Sheikh Dr. Abdul Mohsen Al-Qasim
  3. Sheikh Ahmed bin Talib bin Humaid
  4. Sheikh Dr. Salah Al-Badir
  5. Sheikh Dr. Khaled Al-Muhanna
  6. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Baijan
  7. Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Qarafi
  8. Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Hudhayfi

Added to this the schedule also shows the distribution of the rakats among the imams, as well as the nights when they will lead the prayers. The Tahajjud prayers will be led by imams, namely: Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Hudhaifi, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Talib Bin Humaid, Sheikh Dr. Salah Al-Budair, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Al-Baijan.

The timetable for the prayers was shared in different languages including Arabic and English as well.

As Ramadan is around the corner Muslims will now engage in special prayers during the night that includes the Taraweeh and Tahajjud prayers. Ramadan is a month of fasting and is considered the holiest month.

The mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which is known as Masjid An Nabawi is a sacred place and the second holiest place in Islam after Masjid Al Haram in Kaaba.

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