Google CEO Sundar Pichai Condemns Attacks on Israel But Kept Quiet For Palestine

Google’s CEO statement regarding the Hamas-Israel war sparks controversy.
Sunder Pichai
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PALO ALTO – In the midst of the conflict between Israel and Hamas the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai expressed his views by supporting the Israeli side rather than the innocent Gazans.

In the recent escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, various influential figures have been sharing their views on social media including Bollywood celebrities, the CEO of Google Mr Sundar, and the President of the United States.

As the conflict enters the 12th day, reports indicate that around 3000+ Gazans including little children and women have tragically lost their precious lives.

Just 24 hours prior Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza that resulted in the deaths of approximately 500 injured Gaza s. It is worth noting that the conflict started after Hamas targeted Israel, who have forcibly seized the Palestinian land.

In light of the situation, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to express his views regarding the ongoing conflict which has stirred controversy. Sundar condemned the attacks on Israel without addressing the devastating condition in Gaza where countless innocent lives are lost every hour.

In his Twitter post, the CEO expressed sorrow for the attack on Israel and the conflict. He further stated that Google has 2 offices with around 2,000 employees working in Israel. He announced Google’s support for humanitarian and relief organizations working for Israel.

Earlier Mr Sundar also contacted the employees in Israel via internal email hours. In the email, he expressed his concerns for Israeli and informed that the procedure of contacting all the employees has started in the company 

The statement of the CEO of Google is indeed surprising for Muslims worldwide as such a controversial and inhumane view and statement wasn’t anticipated by such an influential figure. Where even Sonam Kapoor supported the Gazans highlighting, that half of them are children, Sundar decided to focus on Israel rather than the innocent kids in Gaza, a decision that has sparked controversy and disappointment.

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