Revealing Poster in France Removed After Naked Man Wear Ring with Allah’s Name

Revealing Poster in France Removed After Naked Man Wear Ring with Allah Name

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Revealing Poster of a comedy movie, Borat 2’s poster has created a serious outcry in Essonne, a Parisian suburb, has finally removed from Buses.

The poster showed the lead star of the movie, Sacha Baron Cohen, wearing Allah’s name ring while being naked in the revealing poster. Have a look at it;

Muslim community have said that such posters hurt their sentiments.

The tensions between the Muslim community and the French government is getting very tense right now.

Essonne is the same place where Samuel Paty, a French middle-school teacher, was brutally murdered for showing controversial cartoons in his class.

Paty’s murder created a row of tension between France and the Muslim community, Muslims are also boycotting French products.

In Borat 2 Sacha can also be seen roasting Trump administration. Amazon and Baron Cohen agreed to removed the posters.

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