Pakistani Hackers Hack Time8 Indian News Channel And Play “Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika”

Pakistani Hackers Hack Time8

The insulting remarks made by Nupur Sharma, a now-suspended BJP spokeswoman, against the Prophet Muhammad have offended many Muslims worldwide and sparked violent protests. Many Muslim countries participated in condemning this despicable act.

Hundreds of people reportedly took to the streets in several Indian states on Friday in solid reaction to the statement. After Friday prayers, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and West Bengal holding placards demanding Sharma be held accountable for her remarks and calling for her arrest.

At the protest, protesters were also seen burning effigies of the BJP leader and were involved in stone-pelting incidents in several states as crowds clashed with police. It proves that although the BJP has tried to get away from the statement by suspending Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, it has failed to satisfy the protesters who continue to call for the arrest of Nupur Sharma.

The protest against the insult to the Prophet Muhammad has recently spread even to the hacking activities of the Indian news channel, Time8, carried out by the Pakistani hacker team, Revolution PK.

It was discovered when a video showing the Time8 News broadcast featuring a small Pakistani flag appeared on the screen, shocking many viewers, and quickly went viral.

The clip shows a ticker on the screen which says “Hacked by Team PK Revolution” then, shortly after the famous “Naat,” which is poetic praise to the Prophet (PBUH), “Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika” starts playing on the news show.

Then followed another banner that read “Respect the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW.” The video quickly went viral and garnered 180.00 views.
Until this article was written, there had been no comment from the Time8 News news channel regarding the incident.

It is known that there have been 20 Muslim countries united against the statement, and the FIR has also been registered against BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma.

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