U.S. MMA Fighter Amber Leibrock Converts to Islam

MMA fighter Amber Leibrock shares a heartfelt Instagram post about embracing Islam.
Amber Leibrock
Photo: Instagram

CALIFORNIA – Amber Leibrock, the renowned MMA fighter, shares her journey of embracing Islam in a heartfelt Instagram post, where she discusses the challenges and low moments of life that changed her life to ultimately embrace Islam.

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared on September 16, Amber Leibrock, the American MMA boxer known for her performances in the featherweight division of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), made a momentous announcement. A conversion to Islam was revealed, signifying her life-changing decision.

In the post, she stated that the past few months have been a time of transformation for her. She went on to say that in the past few months, she began to face downfalls and low moments along with a sense of detachment from her loved ones. However, all of a sudden everything felt back in place for her.

The boxer’s remarkable transformation can be attributed to her exposure to Islam through a mentor who practiced the faith. This connection led her to explore the spiritual path, ultimately bringing her closer to Allah and her newfound faith.

In her Instagram post, Leibrock expressed gratitude for the unexpected blessings that have come her way. She explained that her experiences have led her to a deeper understanding of Allah and the Deen.

Her announcement was met with support and encouragement from her fans and fellow MMA fighters, highlighting the positive impact her decision has had on her personal and professional life. The incredible people who have been a part of her journey were acknowledged along with her.

Leibrock concluded her message by placing her trust in Allah’s divine timing, regardless of the challenges she’s faced. She was optimistic about the future, stating that she doesn’t control the timing; it is in Allah’s hands, and she has complete faith in that.

She went on to say that it’s part of an amazing year, and she’s looking forward to what’s to come after this remarkable decision. Finally, she ended her post with a heartfelt Alhamdulillah

In the Professional Fighters League featherweight division, Amber Leibrock continues to make her mark, with her newfound faith serving as an integral part of her inspiring journey.

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