Dialysis Center For Hajj Pilgrims Established In Madinah

The dialysis unit has been launched by the Madinah Health Cluster. It has already served around 106 pilgrims for this year’s Hajj season.
Madinah Health Cluster Establishes Dialysis Unit
Photo: SPA

The Dialysis unit has been established at Kind Fahd Hospital for Hajj pilgrims.

The Madinah Health Cluster has taken a huge step to improve the medical support for pilgrims visiting the Holy place.

To help dialysis patients during the Hajj journey, the authorities have launched a dedicated unit for dialysis at Kind Fahad Hospital.

Established to provide incredible health services, this unit can carry out 22 dialysis sessions in one day.

22 machines have been commissioned in collaboration with medical missions affiliated with Hajj companies. The Health cluster has scheduled everything to ensure the provided service is efficient and timely.

The dialysis unit has served 106 pilgrims since the start of Hajj season 1445. The Madinah Health Cluster is committed to providing efficient medical services including critical healthcare support.

The initiative highlights the dedication of Saudi Arabia to ensuring that all pilgrims have a safe pilgrimage experience. The Kingdom’s commitment to providing top-notch medical services to cater to the health of pilgrims cannot be neglected.

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