#HandsOffMyHijab Viral Campaign That Protesting Against French Hijab Ban

HandsOffMyHijab Viral Campaign

A devoted Muslim, Mariem Chourak, 16, covers her head with a hijab which is an expression of her devotion to the prophet Muhammad PBUH. But her freedom may be denied to wear in public places by the French senators.

The change to an anti separatism bill designed to make the secular values of France strong. This is for the girls who are below 18 and has drawn outrage. An online protest and hashtags were also promoted (#PasTouc­heAMonHijab) #HandsOffMyHijab which went viral across borders of France.

Chourak said that the hijab is a part of her identity, and forcing her to remove it would be considered a humiliation. She further said that she couldn’t understand the reason behind the law, which lead to discrimination.

France is home to the largest Muslim minority in Europe, and it’s a staunchly secular country. Still, religions and their symbols are worn in public have always been a controversial matter in France.

In 2004, the wearing of Islamic headscarves was banned in schools of France. Niqab, which is a full-face Islamic veil, was restricted in public places during the year 2010. Muslim women were restricted to cover their faces in public transportations, parks, administrative building and streets.

The amendment pertains to every religious Symbol, but opponents say that Muslims are targeted. It will protect youngsters, as said by Senator Christian Bilhac told lawmakers in April.

He told the upper house that parents must not impose dogma on their kids.

From the living rooms of their family flats, some Young women are running the campaign called #PasToucheAMonHijab, Which has gathered support all along social media.

Ibtihaj Muhammad is the first hijabi And wore it while competing in the Olympics.

The 25-year-old medical student called Mona el Mashouly from Strasbourg’s city said that they are oppressing us, but they think that they want to save us from this imaginary oppression.

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