Entry to Makkah Banned Due To Hajj 2024

Hajj, Umrah, Residency or Work permit required to enter the holy city of Makkah.
Saudi policeman checking permits
Saudi policeman checking permits. Photo: AFP


  • Hajj rules will be implemented from tomorrow, May 4, 2024.
  • No entry into the Holy City without Hajj, Umrah, work, or resident permit.
  • Hajj will be allowed for those who have a Hajj permit.

Enforcement of rules regarding Hajj 2024 will start from May 4, 2024.

The General Security has announced that no entry will be allowed in the holy city without Hajj and other permits.

Saudi Arabia holds the honor of hosting a million pilgrims each year. The kingdom is ready to welcome the pilgrims this year too. Hajj is the major event in the Islamic calendar. It is one of the pillars of Islam.

New Regulations governing Hajj pilgrimage will start from 4th May 2024, Saturday. From tomorrow every rule stated will be enforced. This announcement has come from General Security.

Entry into the Holy City of Makkah will be restricted. This is as per the newly issued instructions. 

The individuals with the following permits will only be allowed

  1. Resident Permit: Permit for the residents of the Holy City
  2. Umrah Permit: Individuals who got an Umrah permit to perform minor pilgrimage
  3. Hajj Permit: For those who are ready to perform pilgrimage in 2024
  4. Work Permit: For individuals employed within Makkah.

Moreover, it has been stated that the Hajj will only be allowed to those who have the Hajj permit. For pilgrimage 2024 no individual with any kind of permit other than a Hajj permit will be allowed. It is a sin to perform Hajj without a Hajj permit.

Hajj permit will allow authorities to manage pilgrims. This will resolve the issue of overcrowding which leads to accidents.

Moreover, Saudi Authorities have issued a warning too. They have asked individuals to be aware of scams. One must get the procedure done via the Nusuk app. In case the app is not available individuals should opt for authorized agencies only.

In addition to this, the authority also issued a set of rules. Pilgrims are requested to get their vaccinations completed. This includes amenities, influenza, and COVID-19 vaccine.

The measures have been taken to ensure the safety of pilgrims. To regulate the flow of people and to maintain security these actions are necessary.


Added the video that shows Saudi Policemen checking visitors on all entry routes.

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