Death Toll From Libya’s Deadly Flooding Reaches 20,000

Libya is facing one of the worse humanitarian crisis after civil war.
Libya’s Deadly Flooding
Photo: MAXAR

DERNA – In the recent turn of events, Libya has transformed into a mourning country as a devastating storm has unleashed a catastrophic flood in the city of Derna leaving behind not only a trail of destruction but a high death toll as well.

Libya a city which is known for its dry weather faced this storm on Sunday night which not only took the city of Derna but the whole nation into shock.

The death toll as per Mayor Abdulmenam Al Ghaithi ranges between 18000 to 20000, however, as per OCHA the casualties are at least 5000. This number of casualties had sent shock waves and rescue operations are being carried out to locate the survivors and avoid any further casualties.

Following the news of casualties a devastating incident came to the eye of the public that relates to the death of Mahmud Abdul Karim’s mother and brother in this terrible flood. Initially not understanding the actual danger and emergency of the situation, the family was trying to evacuate their first-floor apartment when the floor water took over resulting in the death of two of the family members 

Rescue teams from UAE, Egypt, and Tunisia came forward to assist with the city casualties. However, due to the deep-rooted political rivalry, the teams have been facing challenges to carry out a successful rescue operation.

The survivors of the city, also criticized the local authorities about the mismanagement with no proper information conveyed on the need to evacuate before the floodwater surged through the city. 

Libya mourns as the rescue operations continue. The search of survivors and the bodies of the dead ones are being searched. The devastating flood had tested the unity of the people of Libya in this face of adversity along with testing their resilience. 

As the operation continued, Libya found itself in a state of deep mourning. The nation confronts not only the immediate challenges of rescue and recovery but also the arduous journey of rebuilding and healing in the wake of this profound tragedy.

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