Before Iftar, a Saudi man burns down his house and kills his family

Saudi man burns down his house in Safwa
Saudi Gazette

SAFWA (Saudi Arabia): In the hours preceding Iftar, he confined his father, mother, son, and daughter, who had been fasting in the house, and set the house on fire.

Start of the fire 

As a result of pouring gasoline into his house and setting it ablaze, four people died: his mother, father, young boy, and daughter.

Safwa, near Qatif, was the site of a fire that broke out just before Iftar. The family members were not spared from the fire, intentionally locking them in the room to prevent them from escaping.

Despite their pleas, they were not spared.

Although they called and pleaded, nothing was done to help them. The bodies of the burned victims are deformed.

The civil defense responded.

After extinguishing the fire, Civil Defense officials arrested the suspect, a first-degree relative of the victims. Investigators are still trying to figure out why such a heinous act happened.

Police have referred the criminal to the Public Prosecution after arresting him and completing all legal actions against him.

What was the reason for the fire?

A drug called methamphetamine (Shabu) was found to cause the criminal’s behavior.

Upon initial investigation, they were locked in the room from the outside after being confined.

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