These 16 Points Will Tell You What Is Happening In Bangladesh Protests

Bangladesh Protests
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Bangladesh protests have shook the world, here is the full details of how it has started and what is happening right now with all latest updates.

We at The Islamic Information combined all the important points to help people understand what is happening in Bangladesh, so we complied 16 points to tell you the whole situation.

  1. Two school going children (One Boy and One Girl) has been killed in Dhaka after a high speed school bus ran over them, Bangladesh on 29th of July.
  2. In 2017, about 4,000 people killed because of over speeding of Vehicles.
  3. Then students came out on road to protest after this whole incident went viral on social media.
  4. Thousands of students blocked the streets of Dhaka to record their protest.
  5. These protesting students stopped Buses, Cars and other vehicle to ask them to show their lisence.
  6. This has been going on for weeks, causing city to shut down it’s bus service all accross Dhaka city.
  7. In protests, police have used Rubber Bullets as well as Tear ggas to stop students from protesting, when students tired to protect them, the number of students got injured as well.
  8. This fight is between Students vs Police and pro-government groups.
  9. Police clashed with students in University campuses and residential areas making these protest even more violent. Causing dozens of Students injured.
  10. Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) is blamed for attacks on journalists.
  11. Photographer Shahidul Alam also detained after he was spreading false propaganda on social media.
  12. Bangladesh have shut down their internet amid Bangladesh protests.
  13. Students want Government to make road safety issues and make people follow them strictly.
  14. Bangladeshi government agreed to the Students demands of implementing road safety issues.
  15. Government also considering Death Penalty to the people who do over speeding and kills someone while over speeding.
  16. The situation is still not good.

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