Andrew Tate British Influencer Announces Converting to Islam

Andrew Tate Controversial British Influencer Announces Converting to Islam

Former kickboxer and controversial internet personality Andrew Tate have announced his conversion to Islam.

The good news was announced through his official account on Gettr social media on Monday, October 4. As most of you probably know, the controversial influencer was banned from all social media platforms earlier this year for his comments rated as “grossly misogynistic” by an activist group, leaving Gettr as his only social media account remaining.

In his announcement, he revealed his reason for converting to Islam by saying that every Christian who believes in good and understands the battle against evil must convert. The former British Kickboxer, now based in the UAE, closed his announcement by quoting one of the Holy Quran verses, “Indeed the promise of Allah is Truth”.”

The day.”efore the announcement, a video of Tate being seen learning how to perform the prayer, allegedly recorded at a mosque in the UAE, went viral on Facebook and Twitter. The video was shared on the official Facebook account of former MMA fighter Tam Khan, that explained in the caption that he recorded the video and appeared to confirm that Tate had said the shahada.

Khan said that regarding his shahada, they agreed it wouldn’t be featured on podcasts or anything, as people would claim it was just for content purposes. In the same post, Khan praised his friend who recently converted to Islam, saying he had a “kind heart and pure intentions.”

Andrew Tate, who initially gained popularity for his professional career as a kickboxer, rose to prominence in mid-2022 for his comments about women who were viewed by many as misogynistic. Among his most controversial statements, Tate stated that women’s places were only homes, they were not allowed to drive, and they belonged to men. He also believes that rape victims “should take responsibility.””

In addition, Tate is also known for his radical beliefs about gender relations. He once said that he disagreed with “gay and transgender propaganda,” which he considered “forced” their views on other people, especially regarding educating children.

In August 2022, Andrew Tate’s media account was deleted on all social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter; however, he became the most searched person on Google in the same month.

Before that, in a YouTube channel Full Send Podcast that aired last July, Tate stated that he believed in Islam as the last true religion. He thought that Islam was the only belief that his followers still respected.

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