Bollywood Actor Abhay Deol Stands Up Against Muslim Oppression in India

Abhay Deol

Black Lives Matter protesters have erupted after the sad demise of George Floyd, protests have spread from America to all across the world. Abhay Deol stood up against the minority oppression in India that includes Muslims as well, calls it “Solidarity starts from home.”

As more and more Indian celebrities are taking over the internet to show their sympathies after George Floyd killing but chose to remain silent when there is an active Muslim genocide is being taken place in Uttar Pradesh and in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Majority of Indian actors and actresses were also critisized for their silence on Muslim oppression in India. It was teh time, Abhay Deol decided to stand up for the minorities of India which also includes Muslims. He shared a post on Instagram to show his support to the minorities in India.

In this post, Abhay Deol shows his support to Minorities and the poor people of India who have been badly hit with this deadly coronavirus pandemic.

He further pushes celebrities posting about Black Lives Matter to post about Minorities in India.

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