Never Share Your Dreams With These 4 Types of People

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We see many dreams that are meaningless, but some are close to reality. But then there is some dream that can cause us to worry, that gives us the signs that either it’s negative and positive. But there are few dreams that need interpretation.

But there are some dreams that have hidden meaning and can never be interpreted by normal people. Dream interpretation needs knowledge, wisdom, and insights that only scholars have.

1. Never Share Your Dream With a Non-Muslims

The dreams should always be shared with a Muslim scholar who is pious and closer to Allah SWT. How can a Non-Muslim ever interpret it when that person is rejecting the concept of oneness of Allah.

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2. Dreams Should Not be Shared With a Woman

The reason why this is not allowed because women are sensitive in nature as they end up interpreting it wrong if it shows any harm to their loved one. But if she is pious and sane in Islamic matter, then she can.

3. Never Share Your Dreams With An Uneducated Person

If someone is uneducated, that person can not interpret the dream. As per Islam, Educated and Uneducated people are not the same.

It is better not to share something with someone who doesn’t have any knowledge about it. People have this belief that if anyone gives any interpretation (wrong) to the dream would come true.

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But this is not the reality as a wrong interpretation can’t make anything come true.

4. Never Share Your Dreams With An Enemy

An enemy would never give you the right meaning of your dream. Since his/her heart is not clear, he/she will never tell you the truth. If there is someone who is closer to Allah but he/she dislikes you, they would never tell you the right interpretation due to personality conflict.

If you ever see a bad dream, it is advised to give Sadqah.

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