Natalie Portman Stands Against Her Own Country, Refused To Visit Israel

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Natalie Portman who was born in Jerusalem, Palestine and owns dual nationality Israeli and American has taken a bold step against his own country Israel.

The new york times has stated that she stepped back from all kind of events or shows taking place in Israel. She even refused to take a prestigious award which was suppose to be given to her by Israel.

According to the source, Natalie Portman stood up against her own country due to recent events taken place in Jerusalem and Syria which caused the death of a lot of people. Despite the fact that she is proud of being Jew and Israeli but she said she is against the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and shows her disappointment when he got elected as a prime minister of Israel in 2015.

These are the events that made Natalie Portman stand up against her own country

The one event when Israel killed almost 28 Palestinians on Land Day protests

When Israel attacked Syria recently fired missiles in Syria despite chemical attack. She said, “Using 100 Snipers against innocent peaceful Palestinian women, men and children is illegal and i can not support a country or visit that place which promotes violence that kills a number of innocent civilians therefore i refuse to take that award from such a country.”

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Pro Palestinian people are praising Natalie for raising her concern over brutality by Israel

And thanking her for standing up for themselves

And people can’t stop exposing Israel


This is a great step taken as it shows the world who is wrong!

That’s how revolution starts!

While some are still acting cynical about her statement

What do you think about her bold step taken for Muslims of Palestine ? She refused a Million dollar grand prize for Muslims of Palestine, kindly add your voice in the comment section below.

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