Muslims Around The World Will Commence Itikaf From Today

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In the larger mosques of the world, the arrangements for the started to have been given a considerable shape. Now many Muslims around the world will start their Itikaf from today.

Millions of Muslim people will open 20 Ramadan as they will be sitting in the city for Itikaf today in the in the world wide mosques.

People in the mosques of the world’s every country, cities,, towns and villages, will celebrate the first evening of the lst ashrah of Ramadan, in the evening of the month of Ramadan, and after worshiping the worshipers, they will enter the tents after the asar prayer and will leave the tend after sighting Eid Moon.

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In the larger mosques of the provincial capital, the arrangements for the deceased have been given a considerable shape. In the mosque, hundreds of people will be admitted. Thousands of deadly people will sit in Okinawa for the first time in the mosque. Thousands of people will be admitted to the mosque under the supervisor of the department.

When the third chapter of the Ramadan begins, the rage of mosques will grow very much earlier, in the nights, specialists will worship special nights and prayers will be made for oppressed Muslims, including Kashmir and Palestine. In the last nights of the last century, worshiping God will be offered all night and worshiping Him.

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