Two Muslim Women Stabbed Repeatedly at Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

They were stabbed SIX times!!!
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Two Muslim women have been stabbed repeatedly in front of their children under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Two female suspects have been arrested by French police due to the suspected racist attack and they were supposedly accompanied by the words ‘Dirty Arabs’.

Those white women in custody are declared as ‘European appearance’ and now have to go through ‘attempted murder charges, as stated by the city prosecutors.

After cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were shown to a secondary school class on freedom of speech, refugee Islamist terrorist murdered a teacher in France last Friday.

Members of France’s five million-plus Muslim community have made a complaint of ‘Islamophobia’ which was caused by a clampdown on mosques and Muslim organizations.

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Those victims of the attacks belonged from an Algerian background and were identified as French women naming Kenza 49 and Amel who is a few years younger.

Kenza was ended up in the hospital due to continuous stabbing six times and her lungs got punctured, while Amel had to go through surgery on one of her hands as told by an investigating source.

Firstly no information was given on the attack which resulted in an uproar on social media and the confirmed images circulated from the scene.

French Police have confirmed the crime that took place last night. A chilling video recorded shouting as the stabbings took place on Sunday evening.

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‘We were a family, five adults in all and four children. We had gone for a walk at the level of the Eiffel tower we took a little tour of it, as told by Kenza to the liberation newspaper.

The two women with the dogs supposedly pulled out a knife and attacked Kenza and Amel at around 8 pm.

Some people also heard smears including Dirty Arab and Go home to your own country. Call the emergency services she stabbed him was also heard.

Two local shop workers helped and interfered and pulled away from one of the attackers as the police came by. Later, The second suspect was arrested.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

This infidel macron is the brain behind all these well orchestrated crimes against Muslims. He is of the same psychic frame of mind as modi, trump, xi xinping and scores of such terrorists in three piece suits who prey upon their own countrymen.

Unless the OIC – Organization of Islamic Countries gears up their protest and onslaught against these islamophobes, thing will remain statusquo.

May Allah Destroy these Islamophobes soon and teach a grave lesson to all those who aspire to be islamophobes. Aameen

Last edited 1 month ago by Shabbir Ahmed A

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