Syrian Father Consoles His Son As He Wakes Up Blind After Explosion

Syrian Father Consoles Son As Wakes Up Blind After Explosion

Father comforts his son who woke up blind after he was stuck into an explosion. The visuals so so heartbreaking yet, it is important for the world to see this.

His son had been caught in a bad explosion due to Syrian war, after many days, luckily his son was able to live. But unfortunately, he losts his eyes.

The video embedded below shows the scenes when the boy came back to life, but found out he can’t see. Translating the video in English, it says, “Dad, I can’t See, my eyes, my eyes!”

Seeing this scene is really tough, it breaks the heart to pieces to see people are suffering that bad in the world.

Watch this heartbreaking scene when his son woke up blind for the first time.

This is seriously heartbreaking, we pray that people living in Syria may find peace soon and all these horrible scenes will be over for them, once and for all.

We also pray that no parent in the world faces the troubles, these people are facing as it is something unbearable when it comes to ones’ children.

Please, share this as much as you can to wake the world up, the power of social media is increasing day by day, so use that power to help bring peace to Syria.

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