Masjid al Nabawi To Be Open For Public Entry From 31 May

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The gates of Masjid al Nabawi in Madinah have been given the go-ahead to be open from 31st May (8th Shawwal 1441).

It has been 2 months since the holy mosques, Masjid al Nabawi and Masjid Al Haram had been closed for the public due to Coronavirus.

The government of Saudi Arabia have been taking all the precautionary measures to curb the spread of Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Umrah will remain suspended until further notice from the Government. The season of Umrah will end on 15th Shawwal 1441. Information about Hajj 2020 will be made available soon.

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The visitors will be able to enter after going through fully sanitized.

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Ghulam Rasool wani

I trust & believe that both HARAMs will remain open for aspirants with the grace of Almighty once the window at the top of the Gombandi Khazr is thrown open aimed special prayers. Decisions alone can not yield any tangible result till we all pray to Allah for mercy. May God take pity on Muslim umma

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