Malaysia Will Be The Only Country To Provide Halal Food in Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Malaysia has sealed the deal of providing Halal food for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Making it the only country to provide Halal food.

According to the New Strait Times, MyChef a small Malaysia-based factory is making ready to eat Halal meals that will soon be shipped to Japan for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

In 2020 Tokyo Olympics about 50 Muslim countries are participating including hundreds of Muslim athletes from all around the world.

Japan is preparing to welcome about 40 million tourists due to Olympics 2020 and Malaysia is eyeing the 8 million Muslims out of those 40 million people.


Furthermore, “Malaysia Street 2020” will also be hosted by the Malaysian government, which will open many gates of opportunities for the companies that make Halal food to Japanese distributors and buyers.

mychef malaysia

Hideto Nakajima, an economic counselor at the Japanese embassy in Malaysia has also spoken to the media and said, “We still have a lot to learn from Malaysian businesses and in return, Malaysia will be able to expand their businesses in Japan.”

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A great number of tourists are landing in Japan from SouthEast Asia, most of them are Muslims, who has increased their visits to Japan in recent years.

Except for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a number of Japanese places have also become Muslim friendly.

Recently, Japan also released Mobile Mosque for Olympics, also installed prayer rooms in hotels, shops of halal cosmetics as well as Muslim-Friendly facilities at many tourist sites including Mount Fuji.

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