Makkah Crane Crash: Saudi Government Forgives BinLadin Group

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After nine months of court hearing, the Criminal Court of Saudi Arabia in Makkah has forgiven BinLadin Group from the responsiblity of Makkah Crane Crash back in September 2015 in Masjid al Haram.

Makkah Crane crash which killed over 110 people, injuring 209 others. After the criminal court listened to the data collected from the black box and directed that there were no sign of conspiracy found in the blackbox.

The court also directed the BinLadin group to pay Blood money (Diyyah) to the families of the people who got injured or lost their lives.

It is also said that the Diyyah money will be paid to the close family such as wife, husband or children of the diseased.

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After introgatting about 88 engineers the court ruled that the cranes in september 2015 were in correct position.

The judge said that the binLadin group did whatever they could but due to the severe storm the cranes fell and caused the lost of many lives.

Court also said that the winds were 70 km/Hour caused great chaos. Althought, the binLadin group had nothing to do with it.

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