5 Lessons To Learn From Musa (AS)’s Escaping From Pharoah

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Musa (AS) also known as Moses was the prophet of Islam. Musa (AS) saved Muslims from the Pharaoh and his cruelty, we have to learn these lessons from him.

1. Never lose hope in God

A number of his followers began to lose hope and started exclaiming:

Surah Ash-Shuarah

We too must never lose hope in God; though we may be in situations where we may think that there’s no way out, let’s keep in mind that the help of God is always near. If God can part the sea to help Musa and his individuals, He too can take away our difficulties and obstacles. What’s needed of us is that we’ve complete reliance in God and have hope in Him.

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2. Do your part

Musa (peace be upon him) did not lie idle expecting a miracle. This life is one of cause and effects, miracles can happen however our responsibility is that we do everything we can in our personal capacity then leave it to God.

3. Change now

When Pharaoh and his army were immersed by the ocean and that they began drowning into it, Pharaoh cried out:

Surah yunus verse 90

The mercy of God is vast and each day His doors of repentance are open to us. All we’ve to do is ask and have a firm resolve to change and our Lord, the most Merciful will erase our sins as if they never happened!

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4. Flee from sins

When the children of Israel were being persecuted and they could no longer freely follow their religion, God educated Musa (peace be upon him) to flee with them to a different land. If we’re ‘friends’ who we’ve tried to ask for good, however, we find that instead, they’re pulling us towards the wrong path, we should disassociate with them if such a relationship takes us away from the right path.

5. Miracles can happen

As believers, we believe that everything happens only by the will of God and though something may seem like a coincidental string of events, we believe that it was all planned by God.

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