11 Major Reasons Why You Should Never Kiss Babies

This Is Why Your Should Never Kiss Babies

We kiss babies as soon as we spot one, but do you know? this little thing can become a real trouble for kids? In this article, we’re going to discuss that.

These are the reasons why Kissing Babies are not good for the health of a Baby;

1. Foot, Mouth and Hand Disease

Even if a person has a cold, mouth sores or anything and if that person kisses the baby or even touches the face it will make the baby have cold, mouth sores and will start acting cracky which follows up with long-lasting cries.

2. Cough

If someone having cough kisses a baby, it takes a baby just a few seconds to catch that disease and the other minute a baby will start showing symptoms. If your baby is very little that these cough germs stay in their lungs even if they stop coughing.

3. Not Having Enough Vaccinations

Lack of vaccines will make your baby exposed to all kinds of germs in the air. Vaccination helps your child protection from the germs in the environment we can not see with our naked eyes.

4. Stomach Viruses

Sometimes we see most people kiss babies on their lips, kissing infants on lips can be a reason of Vomiting, diarrhea, and stomachache. Because by kissing lips, a person is transmitting all the bacteria directly into the mouth of a baby.

5. Damaged Immune System

Once a bacteria gets inside your baby’s body, it will eventually weaken his/her immune system, which means the baby will catch a cold, cough and fever more quickly than any other kid.

6. Cavities

Can you believe it? If you have cavities in any of your teeth, and you kiss any kid on its lips it will transmit all the cavities into his mouth so your kid will be most likely to get tooth cavities sooner or later in his/her life.

7. Kissing Disease

“Kissing Disease” is a name given to a condition called “mononucleosis” which gets a person cranky as well as having respiratory problems in rare cases. This is usually common in teens but an infant can be exposed to it. And there is no cure or medicine for it, this infection will only go away with time which indeed takes a lot of time sometimes.

8. Dangerous Skin Care Products

Some of the Skin Care products usually contain things which are made of something not suitable for kids. So if anyone kisses babies having any Skin Care Product on so it is most likely to give your child an allergic reaction.

9. Food Allergies

There are two causes that cause Food Allergies, Number 1, Feeding your child the things from another mouth like you chew it first and then feeding it to your child. Number 2, Kissing your kid with the lipstick one. Both things can be very dangerous for your kid, especially the lipstick which can even cause cancer.

10. Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a kind of virus which gets stuck in the lungs of a child, or a toddler and the major thing that is worrying that your child might have trouble breathing. If someone having Respiratory Syncytial Virus kiss babies, so those babies are more likely to get the Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

11. Cold Sores

A recent Facebook post asked on a famous website that her baby is being infected with HSV-1, caused by kissing of an adult. That kid was rushed to the hospital as the case got worse.

This is obvious that you can not control the things but you can protect your kids and advise people not to touch your kids before washing their hands etc. The major reason for this article is to aware how just a Kiss can become a major problem for your kid.

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