Israeli Forces Shoot Deaf Palestinian After Killing His Autistic Brother in Same Month

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On Monday, Israeli security guards held fire on a local who is deaf Palestinian and wasn’t able to receive their commands to stop at the West checkpoint, the police shared.

Micky Rosenfeld, the Policeman, shared that the 60-year-old local was on his foot in the Kalandia Crossing area in the north of Jerusalem. Here only vehicles are allowed. He added that the guards ordered the man to stop, but he didn’t listen to them and continued towards them suspiciously.

The forces of Israel shot and injured the Palestinian, on Monday, at their military checkpoint located in Jerusalem, as per the police.

In the statement made by the police, it is stated that the deaf local wasn’t able to hear their orders, which prompted the soldiers to place fire towards him at the Qalandia checkpoint.

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An eyewitness also shared that the Palestinian got shot in his leg by the soldiers.

His Autistic brother was killed while going to his school

It is just less than three months to the incident in which the police of Israel killed a 32-year-old Palestinian who had serious autism. He was chased by the border police of Israel towards the nook in the oldest city of Jerusalem. Also, fatally shot him as he got behind the garbage bin after being doubtful as an attacker.

Iyad Khalid was murdered on Saturday in the territory of East Jerusalem as he moved towards his school of special needs.

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The police force of Israel stated to the officers that Iyad was having a weapon with him. Also, they opened their fire when he didn’t stop. Later, people found that he wasn’t armed and ran as his mental state kept him terrified of the people.

Dr. Hatem Awiwi, the cousin of Mr. Halaq, shared that he was at the end of the autism on low-functioning and that he possessed trouble in talking with the people.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

May Allah Bless Every Palestinian murdered in cold blood for the past 72 years with Jannat ul Firdaus. Aameen.

For every Palestinian murdered, Allah Must Burn these zionist criminals in Hell Fire for Eternity in The Hereafter. Even before they die, they must experience Hell in this world and in their grave too. Aameen.

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