Islam Says You Should Not Tell Your Plans To Anyone, Here Is Why?

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The evil eye is one of the reasons why people mostly Muslims have become confused about sharing the happy news with others.

Many Muslims follow the faith in Allah and now that he has planned the best for all of us. As per Prophet Muhammad PBUH, had given a piece of clear advice to people about sharing plans, goals, and achievements.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

sharing plans islam

Satan is sinful, Satan is the worst enemy of a person having Muslim faith. Even if the Muslim one is confiding in is better, He can throw his arrow to make things worse for you.

Dua of Protection From Evil Eye

Another Reason Why It Is Not Allowed In Islam To Share Plans and Maintaining Privacy in Such Matters

Surah Yusuf tells how the good thing should never be told to the siblings, who may wish or plan something bad in Jealousy.


On the off chance that an arrangement is working our direction, we don’t need to impart it to our relatives or the nearby individuals; until the point that it winds up fruitful.

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A person does not have to share it with the people around you that if a person is getting in the promotion or your baby is about to born then no matter how good people are you must hide it from everyone else, keeping it under Marital or private privacy.


It is constantly prudent to get things done in private and the world will see with their own eyes when you achieve the correct way to progress.

May Allah control every one of us in good shape, Ameen.

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  • 18.3K

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