Inspiring Coronavirus Moment: Muslim and Jewish paramedics Prays Together

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Inspiring Coronavirus Moment: Zoher Abu Jama and Avraham Mintz had just received a phone call from a woman aged 41 years old from Be’er Sheva, Southern Israel.

She was facing respiratory issues. Before having her call, they were engaged with a 77-year-old man. They know that they would receive more calls in the future. They both are the members of MDA (Magen David Adom) which is an emergency response service of Israel.

They took a break from their services in the afternoon to pray. The religious Jew, Mintz, stood in the position facing Jerusalem wearing white and black shawl which was hanging off from his shoulders.

On the other side, Abu Jama is an observant Muslim who knelt down facing Makkah. Underneath him, his maroon and white prayer rug was unfurled.

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For both paramedics who work together twice or thrice a week, the joint prayer idea was nothing unique.

Inspiring Coronavirus Moment jew muslim pray together

However, for the other people, this image appears inspiring in the middle of the pandemic of coronavirus. Their co-worker captured this inspiring image and made it viral. It made it receive thousands of likes on social media platforms and also appeared in the international media coverage.

Users shared their proud feeling for the rescue services sector over their Instagram. A father of seven children, Abu Jama, belonging from a nearby city of Rahat, Bedouin, also volunteered among the others.

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He left his position as a driving instructor to serve the community by volunteering. Besides the routine work of EMTs and paramedics, the teams of MDA are also required to get the patients of the virus to the hospital.

They also designate the quarantine hotels, perform the special coronavirus tests, collect blood for donation purposes and many other activities. At the start of this month, they even staffed the polling stations for the people in self-quarantine.

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