Did You Know What Is Inside The Crescent of Makkah Clock Tower ?

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Makkah Clock Tower is located in front of the the holy Kaaba. This was inaugurated in 2013 and right now, it is the third tallest building in the world.

It is 607 meters tall and on top of it there is a golden crescent which we think is ordinary but in reality it is most expensive thing in it.

What’s inside it ?

Crescent makkah clock tower room

At the surface of huge crescent there is a very special room. This special open-air room located n the top of this tower and is dedicated solely for prayers. And this room is the highest place for worship in the world.

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How to reach secret room in Makkah Clock Tower ?

It was created to pray to Allah and it can also be reached thought a high speed life, and after leaving the lift one has to walk 18 meters. Another alternative to this world is the chairlift. A normal person can’t visit this due to extreme heights.

What is the cost ?

The final construction of this tower costed around USD $1000 million or $1 Billion.

LED Lights

All LED lights have been placed all along the towers which are lighten up at night time. A total of 2 million lights have been placed in it and can be seen about 17 kilometers away from the tower.

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