India To Ban Triple Talaq Divorce For Muslims of India

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Lok Sabha, India’s lower house of Parliament has passed a bill to ban Islamic marriage by instant Triple Talaq or divorce. It also suggested three-year jail for every Muslim man who does it with his wife.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Federal Law Minister of India, label this bill as Gender Justice.

“There are twenty Muslim countries in the world, including Malaysia and Pakistan, have banned Triple Talaq. Why can’t India do it?

There has been worldwide support for this bill from the public as well as many people used social media to support it.

Back in 2017, the Indian Supreme Court has ruled that triple Talaq is unconstitutional, and asked the Government to form new divorce legislation and end this practice.

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Some of the Muslim councils have agreed that triple talaq is wrong and they want to practice something new. All India Muslim Personal Law Board has said that they will challenge this ban.

This is what Triple Talaq Bill means;

  • This bill is about Talaq-e-Biddat, which is an instant divorce given by Muslim men. Meaning if a Muslim man says Talaq three times, it would end the marriage.
  • This bill ensures that Talaq is only valid when written.
  • Bill suggests a three-year jail term for every Muslim man who says Talaq three times.
  • But if someone gets jailed, the magistrate can grant bail according to the situation.
  • The bill ensures the settlement between two parties before the head towards Divorce.
  • The women, who have been the victim of Triple Talaq is liable to get a monetary allowance from her husband as well as her children, The magistrate will decide the amount of allowance.
  • The magistrate will decide, in case of divorce, that who will have the custody of children.
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