Pakistani Cricketer and Politician, Imran Khan Performs Sajda On A Grave

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Imran Khan, who is well known as a legend of Cricket and currently he is running a big political party of Pakistan (PTI – Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf).

A video emerged which shows Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Maneka is visiting some shrine and before entering, both of them performs a Sajda towards the grave.

In Islam, shirk is something which Allah will never forgive, and by committing shirk you’re accepting or including someone else with Allah, which is not allowed in Islam and if someone does it then that person leave the circle of Islam.
The video angered many Muslims all around the world when a well known

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Watch this video to know how it all happened;

While a lot of people are criticising the act as it completely goes against the religion of Islam and Pakistani culture. This video has taken the internet by storm, as people are stepping back from voting him in the next elections which is just around the corner.

On the other hand, his loyal supporters are justifying his act as “it is okay to do it out of love”. And posting that he was not sajda and defending him by saying that he was kissing the floor. While, this video clearly shows what actually Imran Khan was doing and the people who were defending him must know the difference between kissing and sajda.

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In Islam it is clearly stated that comparing or including anyone to Allah is strictly prohibited and whoever does it will face tough punishment at the day of judgement. This is indeed sad to see such things happening in an islamic country.

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