Husbands Stress Wives Much More Than Their Children

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A research conducted by Today which involved 7000 mothers interviewed in the US revealed that, on average, most of them rate their stress levels 8.5/10, with half of those women (46%) attributed the main reason to be their husbands compared with their children.

The study postulated that most moms get irritated when they could not complete all their tasks in time. 75% of the participants mentioned that they conduct most of the parenting duties and housekeeping tasks in the household. The survey also found that 1 out of 5 mothers reported that the main reason behind daily stress they experience is due to lack of support from their partner.

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In a study conducted by the University of Padova, stress has an impact on the life of newly-weds by affecting the health and longevity of both partners. For example, upon the death of the bride, the husband experiences detrimental health issues. On the other hand, when the wife loses her husband, her state of health gets better and overcomes stress and depression eventually.

Despite that the researchers behind this finding could not find a deciding factor to justify this trend, they hypothesize that the reason why husbands are more negatively affected upon the loss of their wives could be because they are significantly dependent on their wives rather than the contrary.

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A publication by Healthy Holistic Living showed many tips and tricks that could help bringing partners together. If both partners work full-time, they could ensure better organization on their duties by sharing them. Thus stress will be relieved from each other and productivity in the household would eventually increase.

For example, when parenting, husbands can handle organizing appointments and pick-up and drop-off the kids while the wife takes charge of their education and discipline. Modern technology definitely facilitates parents in achieving those tasks, for example, by using a shared calendar application on smartphones or tablet.

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