“Hijab Jokes Are Fine And People Should Not Get Offended.” Says Mr Bean

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Mr Bean also known as Rowan Atkinson has protected Boris Johnson after a debate exploded on his remarks on females wearing Hijab, Yahoo UK has described.

The actor, Rowan Atkinson, known for his comedy acts in Mr. Bean and Blackadder, believed the comments were FUNNY.

In a note to The Times, Rowan Atkinson transcribed,

“As a lifetime recipient of the independence to create jokes about religion, I, personally, do consider that Boris Johnson’s joke about wearers of the Hijab like letterboxes is a pretty funny one.”

Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) added:

“All jokes on religion originates felony, so it’s useless say sorry for religious jokes, furthermore, “You should really only say sorry for a non-funny jokes. On that foundation, no sorry is required.”

The previous London mayor and the foreign administrator said that Muslim females wearing face covers “look like letter boxes”, and associated Hijabis to bank robbers and disobedient teenagers in a Telegraph column.

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Boris Johnson received a huge reaction from the community for his “Rude comments”.

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May also did not escalate his commentaries saying, “I, Theresa May, consider Boris Johnson used language in telling people’s outlook that has clearly caused hatred. It was the very wrong linguistic to use. Boris should not have used it.”

Theresa May proposed that Boris Johnson must say sorry for his Rude comments. Boris Johnson is to deal with an examination by a self-governing board after protests that his remarks broke the Conservative Party’s code of conduct.

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