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Heartbreaking Story Behind Kashmiri Kid Viral Photo

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A Kashmiri Kid is now shifted in the middle of political arguments by words throughout social media after the killing of his grandfather.

He reportedly died between the cross-fire that took place between the police and militants. The family stated that Bashir Ahmed, the grandfather, was murdered by the police which the police has denied claiming them threats from the militants. Besides the family has stated that their toddler is supporting their allegation.

kashmiri kid home
Scenes from the Bashir Ahmed’s house – Photo/Print IN

A relevant video has ached the hearts of many people around the world as it reveals a part of that incident where he was sitting and crying on the top of the dead body. Grandfather is known to be killed in the crossfire that took place at Sopore, while he was out to purchase milk.

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Residing on the outskirts of Srinagar, they shared with the reporter that their three-year-old toddler AB* was when asked about the killing of his grandfather, stated that the police killed him.

The child further shared the whole incident. He said that he was along with his grandfather where he was killed later on in the Sopore town of North Kashmir during a crossfire between the government forces and militants in the morning on Wednesday.

Immediately after the death of Ahmed, the pictures of the toddler belonging to the site of the encounter got viral on social media. It involves a heartwrenching view of the child sitting on the chest of his grandfather’s dead body.

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In accordance with the family of Ahmed, he was traveling towards Handwara which is located at a distance of 20 km from their home town, at the moment firing.

Ahmed’s nephew, Farooq Ahmed Khan, said that they received a call from someone concerning the death on the roadside. Then he asked some people to stay there until their arrival.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

We Indians have a the Biggest Liar and Dramatist in the world, modi, as the PM.

He only condoles deaths of people in far away lands. He has little or no feelings and sympathy for his own citizens, especially Muslims when they are victims.

And when the whole India erupts in condemnation, modi will just tweet a few motherhood statements and go his way. Shame on him and his hindutva brigade

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