This Is What Happens Few Seconds Before Your Death

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Death is the most bitter reality of life. One can not bear the pain of seeing their loved ones depart. But have you ever noticed what happens to them just a few seconds before their death?

The person who comes in this world has to die or leave this world one day for sure. But many people feel uncomfortable for talking about death. We should know that what happens to us few second before we die.

We have a whole life to pray and for Tobah. But when the end time arrives and we see the angel of death, the option of Tobah is finished. So, what exactly happens?

Taking soul is not that easy we just see that Man is sweating and looking worried. But what exactly He faced?

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When a person sees the angel of death, his sight becomes clearer. He can see the angle that not a normal human can see. He can see the two worlds, the one he lives for his life and another world where he is going. But he is afraid of all the procedure then angel tells him that there is no need to be a worry. We will protect you. We will protect your family after you. You can come with us fearlessly. We are welcoming you to the new and permanent world.

It’s a moment of happiness to the noble person who did good deeds in life. Angels congratulate him by saying that now more pleasant life is looking for you. And the opposite for the bad person.

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At that moment a person can see his soul leaving the body. We often see that the dead person has an eye on upper side because his sight moves to the left of the soul from feet to eyes.

Then the soul flies toward the sky. All the souls of Shaheeds stayed in the sky but the soul of other person come back to earth for giving the answer of Munkir and Muneer.

So, this is not the end of the journey but it’s a start of new and permanent life that is more relaxing for good person and definitely not for the bad person.

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