Video Showing Hajj Pilgrims Playing Cards In Muzdalifa Is Heartbreaking

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Hajj Pilgrims Playing Cards in Muzdalifa shown in a video that had been uploaded on Facebook few days ago. This video shows some heartbreaking scenes.

This video was uploaded on facebook, which showed “Angry” as the most reacted emoticon on this video, this video collectively earned a huge sum of views in which many Muslims are shaming these men who are busy playing game during Hajj 2018.

Playing cards is not just the game, but in Islam it is the most disliked thing, several Hadiths has been quoted to show how much playing cards and chess is being disliked in Islam.

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Playing cards at a holy place is very sinful, especially when you are on a Nobel journey of Hajj. Playing cards openly is like disrespecting Allah and his last messenger Muhammad (PBUH) for disliking it. People visit house of Allah to pray not to play any game.

This video is being shot buy a guy who was worshipping near these four guys, and captured this video to show the world what kind of sins people do while on Hajj.

This video shows four guys, Hajj pilgrims playing cards openly in Muzdalifa

After watching this video, it is clear that no one stopped him from disrespecting the spirituality of this place as well as none of the security forces came to prevent from doing this thing. Indeed, this is such a heart breaking sight to see.

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This is not the first time it happened, few months back a couple of women were spotted playing board games in Makkah, who were later taken under the custody of security forces inside Masjid Al Haram.

Playing games on a such a holy event is highly disrespectful, and if one sees such act happening near him or her, then they should make an effort to stop that act.

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